New MCO – Iowa Total Care

The State of Iowa has chosen a third MCO to join UnitedHealthcare and Amerigroup. The new MCO, Iowa Total Care, will begin providing services to members in Iowa on July 1, 2019. Sometimes Iowa total Care is called by the name of their parent company, “Centene.”

Everyone who gets Waiver services and currently has an MCO will be getting a letter in the first weeks of March with a new MCO assignment. The State will make an effort to evenly divide all members between MCOs while keeping family members together. This means people may be assigned to stay with their current MCO, or they may be assigned a new one. The letters will be sent to people’s payees, or directly to them if they do not have a payee. The letter will include information about what to do if people would like to change their MCO assignment. Follow the link below to read the DHS announcement.

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