Services for Individuals

Systems Unlimited provides supported community living services to children and adults in their own homes. Services can be provided through the Home and Community Based Medicaid Waivers or through Chapter 24.

Support services are individualized for each person, however some common areas of support and skill development include:


Medication setup and follow through, medical appointments.

Communication Skills

Development of speech/sign language/augmentative communication, use of telephone.

Community Skills

Utilizing public transportation, community resources, safety and emergency planning, understanding human rights (citizenship, rights and responsibilities).

Social Skills

Leisure time interests and skills, advocacy, sexuality, social interactions.

Daily Living Skills

Cleaning skills, paying bills, grocery shopping, eating, understanding nutrition, laundry.

Self Care

Brushing teeth, bathing, dressing, etc.

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

The Home and Community Based Waiver program allows providers to utilize Medicaid funding to design supports around the individual’s specific needs. Supports can range from one hour a month to twenty-four hours a day in homes with one to four other roommates. Systems Unlimited can provide services under the following Waivers: Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Ill and Handicapped, Brain Injury (BI), and Elderly.

Current Supported Living Program Services under the HCBS Waiver program


Systems Unlimited’s respite services allow families to access trained individuals to support the needs of their family member in their absence. Respite allows family members to be more rested, well rounded, and better able to cope with stress. Systems Unlimited will provide respite for as little as one hour or up to two weeks at a time. (ID, BI, Ill and Handicapped, and Elderly Waivers)

Residential Based Supported Community Living

The residential program provides structured support for adults with developmental disabilities in small home settings. These services are based on the strengths and needs of the individual and the amount of structure, support, and services needed by the individual person. The residential program program provides for a Supported Living Counselor to oversee the services.

These services are available to those individuals 18 years or older with developmental disabilities. Systems Unlimited serves individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities in homes with three to six other roommates.

Consumer Directed Attendant Care

Consumer Directed Attendant care services are service activities performed by a person to help an individual with self care tasks which the individual would typically do independently if the individual were otherwise able. As the title indicates, the person being supported must be able to hire and fire the support staff or agency that works for them. The services being performed may include, but are not limited to: catheterizations, tube feedings, toileting, bathing, and housekeeping. (ID, BI, and Elderly Waivers)

Hourly Supported Community Living

This service component allows individuals to live with their family or a home of their own choosing; e.g., apartments, houses, duplexes, etc. Services are designed to support one to four roommates in their home and community, based on each individual’s needs. (ID and BI Waivers)

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