Celebrating 45 years of serving the community

Systems Unlimited is excited to celebrate 45 years of providing quality services to individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and behavioral health needs. Led by a group of motivated and passionate parents, Systems Unlimited was incorporated as a non-profit on June 3rd, 1971. The goal of these parents was to establish an agency that would provide services to developmentally disabled individuals within the local community.

banner celebrating Systems 45th Anniversary

In 1971, the alternative to community services for children with developmental disabilities was institutionalization. In response, Systems Unlimited opened their first residential site so that five local children could remain in their Iowa City community. During the ensuing 45 years, Systems Unlimited has increased the number of residential sites to 74—and has expanded services to three divisions in order to meet the need for services for children and adults with disabilities or mental health needs. Those services include, supported living services, employment/day programming services, and mental health services. Since 1971, Systems Unlimited has grown to serve over 1,400 individuals. The agency employs 850 staff and has offices in seven south east Iowa counties—including Linn, Johnson, Cedar, Iowa, Jones, Muscatine, and Washington counties.

Systems Unlimited has provided individualized services to individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities or behavioral health issues since 1971. The agency recently revised its mission, which is to promote dignity and growth for people with disabilities and mental health needs.