Systems Unlimited has advocacy among our core values because we believe in speaking up for the people we serve. Read below for more information on disability rights, legislation and upcoming events.

ID Action: Voter Pre-Registration deadline is May 25

ID Action: Voter Pre-Registration deadline is May 25

Race for Governor – Des Moines Register Primary Quiz

Iowa’s race for Governor will be an important one for health care in our state. Systems Unlimited encourages the people we serve and their advocates to exercise their right to vote for a governor that best represents them. It can be overwhelming to figure out which candidate is a good match, and The Des Moines Register offers this tool to help.

Des Moines Register Primary Quiz

A pictorial Bill of Rights

All people have rights as human beings and citizens of the United States. Because people with disabilities are at risk of unfair restriction of their rights, Systems Unlimited has developed this pictorial explanation of the rights we will take extra care to support people to understand and exercise. We are committed to the promotion and protection of the rights of the people we serve.

Download the pictorial Bill of Rights

#IamMedicaidIowa Join Us!

Lawmakers need to hear your story regarding your experiences with Iowa Medicaid Care. Go to this link and learn how you can join others in sharing what we have encountered with the Iowa Managed Care program. Let’s unite to share our stories with lawmakers.